Support Child Facilities


Can you tell me more about supporting child facilities?

Do I need to give a regular payment?

This is up to you we gratefully accept one-off payments and regular payments. We provide sponsorships of $65 per week including delivery to each child facility. The more you can commit to, the more we can help!

Can I adopt a specific facility?

Of course!

If you have a facility in mind, we will go through a survey with the facility to see if they qualify for your support.

Surveys are strictly confidential.

What programs are you running right now that I can support?

We are fundraising $10,000 to support Children in need this Christmas.

This includes Christmas presents for some ECE & School students. We are also arranging fruit & veg drops & supporting school holiday programs to help struggling families feed their children after Christmas.

We also want to provide supermarket vouchers for underfunded pre-schools, Nga kohanga Reo to support facilities with formula & nappies.

How does it work?

You can donate on our Givealittle page or directly into our bank. We can set up corporate funding & supply invoice, certificate of merit & promote your company logo on all our communications.

If you specialise in marketing, promotion, funding or sales we would love that kind of donated time.

Can I donate my time as well or just money?

Yes of course! Get in touch